Wish List

China Glaze :


Free Love






l8r g8r


Magical *

Mommy kissing Santa

Peace on Earth

Crackle Glaze - Black Mesh  dupe : Claire's - Crackle noir

Happy Go Lucky *

Short & Sassy


Color Club :


Rule Breaker *

Almost Famous *

Best Dressed List *

Incognito *

Positively Posh 

Power Play

Who Are You Wearing *


Essence :

All Access

Rock it baby

Space queen

Just rock it


Let's get lost

Out of my mind

Trust in Fashion

You belong to me


Essie :


Going Incognito * dupe : Essence - Trust in fashion

Swepsyched * dupe : H&M - Hunt me down

Smokin' Hot

Lapis Of Luxury


Misa :


Road Warrior


O.P.I. :

At your Quebec & Call

Diva of Geneva *

DS Ruby *

Merryberry Mauve

Not like the movies  dupe : Essence - Where's the party?

Black Shater dupe : Claire's - crack noir

Jade is the new black * dupe : Essence - Trust in fashion


Orly :


Glitz & Glamour

Royal Navy dupe : Revlon - Royal

Retro Red *


Sinful Colors :



Kismet Elated


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